R.A. MOOG COMPANY, Flushing, New York

My father and I built the 201's together, in his basement workshop. As I remember it, he made the cabinets, I did the wiring, and I forgot which one of us punched the chasses. The silk screen for the front panel was cut by hand, by one of the men that my father worked with. I forgot exactly who screened the panels, either my father or me. We both knew how to silk-screen at that point.
By the time my father and I started building 201's, I had already spent a summer working in an electronics factory (Kepco power supplies). Thus, I knew a little something about building electronic equipment. My father, on the other hand, was a power engineer who knew about electronics only as a hobbyist. However, he did know a lot about wood and metal fabrication. We learned from each other at that point.

Bob Moog, November, 2003

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