The old Chalmers Gelatin Factory, built in 1872, sat at the Foot of Academy Street in Williamsville, a suburb of Buffalo New York. In 1971 it was home to Musonics, then with the purchase of R.A. Moog Company later that year and subsequent move from Trumansburg, Musonics became "Moog Musonics", and very shortly thereafter, "Moog Music Inc.".
This panorama was taken in late 1972 from the top of the escarpment, famous for winter driving adventures and feared by Truckers, and Moog's "Snow Crew" (the entire Test Department).
Behind the garage door on the right was the shipping department, and behind that, a fab shop for metal work. Inside the main entrance (under the awning) was the office area, Bill Waytena in the corner office to the right, Tom Gullo behind that, and Bob Moog behind Tom. To the immediate left of the entrance was the studio/display area.
The Production and Test areas were located in the back part of the white (later brown) building. Sales and Marketing were in the "garage" to the left of the white building, and Engineering was in the back part.
The pool of water in front was a concrete-lined spring-fed pond. By late 1975, the plant had become spring-fed as well. Water bubbled up through cracks in the floor at an ever increasing rate, and by the next move in 1976, the entire office area, lunch room, and much of Engineering was under water. Wooden pallets were scattered throughout for use as catwalks.

The separate building to the far left, known as "the warehouse", is where Gibson Amplifiers and Cordovox Instruments were produced in later years after the CMI (later Norlin) purchase.

The field surrounding the plant was wide open -- where several Moog Rocket Meets were held after work.

A luxury housing development now occupies the top of the escarpment. The old plant buildings were razed in the 1980's, and the entire area is now home to a high-tech-looking corporate park filled with Insurance and Medical offices.

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