This website provides a glimpse into the history of MOOG, a leading Designer and Manufacturer of Electronic Music Instrumentation from 1953 to 1993. The pages are filled with rare, historic photographs and documents collected over the years by a former Moog employee. Thanks for visiting, enjoy your visit and please come back often... this site is updated frequently.

Moog History
A chronology of major events in Moog history, 1953 through 2002.

The Factories
Trumansburg, Williamsville, and Cheektowaga Factories with inside photos showing the people, instruments, and production operations.

The Instruments
Historic photographs of some of the early instruments. Module descriptions and specifications. Sales Literature for all instruments.

The People
Bob Moog, Herb Deutsch, David VanKoevering, David Luce and other people instrumental in Moog's development.

Bob Moog's 1954 article "The Theremin", and 1964 "Voltage Controlled Electronic Music Modules", the story behind the Logo, and other early articles.

Original 1964 hand-drawn schematics, the Filter Patent, and early advertisements.

One-of-a-kind instruments, Polymoog jewelry, the Telephone, and the Cookbook. Plus still images and RealPlayer clips from two obscure 16mm Moog films.

Lists & Charts
Some great historical data: A chronology of major events in Moog history, 1953 through 2002. Charts showing Modular and Minimoog sales. Lists of early Minimoog and Modular System serial numbers, who the instruments were originally shipped to, and when. Some famous Modular Systems, when they shipped, and how they were configured.

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