The Early Theremins
(From 1960-1964 Sales Literature)
For home entertainment, professional use, for hi-fi enthusiasts and experimenters... There's a MOOG THEREMIN just right for you!

The Vanguard
The Vanguard is a completely self-contained electronic musical instrument. The tone is generated by purely electronic means, without the use of motors, strings, or other mechanically moving parts. A specially designed vacuum tube oscillator circuit, whose operation is sensitive to movements of the player's hand, generates an electric wave. When this wave leaves the oscillator, it passes through another circuit which adds the correct degree of overtones to give a pleasing and musical quality to the tone...
Still another circuit enables the loudness of the tone to be controlled by the player's hand. After leaving this circuit, the tone is amplified, and converted into sound waves by a loudspeaker.
All components of the Vanguard, including the loudspeaker, are housed in a handsome, hand-rubbed solid mahogany cabinet. The tuning adjustments are conveniently located in front of the player as he faces the instrument.
The pitch range covers three and one-half octaves, extending from an octave below Middle C to two and one-half octaves above Middle C...
1960 Price: $395.00

The Professional
Truly the finest Theremin made, the Professional is designed to meet every need of the accomplished Thereminist.
The Professional Model Theremin differs from the Vanguard Model in two main respects. First, the Professional Model is completely transistorized, and uses no vacuum tubes. Second, a choice of four distinctive timbres is available to the musician.
The introduction of transistors within the last few years has revolutionized the electronics industry. A transistor is a device composed of a specially produced single crystal, and is capable of performing virtually the same functions in electronic equipment as vacuum tubes...
The four tone colors of the Professional Model Theremin are named PRINCIPAL, HORN, WOODWIND, and STRING... The Principal tone is mellow and ethereal, like a flute, and is the timbre traditionally associated with the Theremin. The Horn tone is sharp and nasal, like that of an oboe. The Woodwind tone is hollow and woody, like a clarinet. The String tone is rich in overtones, like that of any stringed instrument...
1960 Price: $650.00

The Melodia
The Melodia is a Moog Theremin in kit form. Retaining all of the essential characteristics of the standard Theremin, the Melodia can be assembled with a few hand tools. Step-by-step instructions, easy to follow and fully illustrated, make building your own Theremin fun. Tips on playing your Melodia are included, too. All parts are of premium grade. The chassis and panel are pre-formed and punched. The hand-crafted natural walnut cabinet is designed to mount on a microphone stand.
The Melodia has a five-octave range, extending from two octaves below to three octaves above Middle C. Build it, plug it into an audio amplifier, and enjoy the creative challenge of the Theremin.
Melodia Model Theremin Assembled MA...
Completely assembled and adjusted at the factory, this model needs only an amplifier, loudspeaker and microphone stand.
1960 Price: $75.00
Theremin Components Kit TC...
Contains all components needed to build the Melodia Theremin, except chassis, panel and antennas. Ideal for advanced experimenters, students, Science Fair contestants.
1960 Price: $29.00

The Troubador
A professional adaptation of the Melodia, the Troubador has a 115 volt AC power supply instead of a battery, special shielding so the instrument may be placed on any table to be played, improved tuning adjustments, and a continuously adjustable timbre control.
1960 Price: $160.00