In 1976 Moog Music Inc. had recently been purchased by CMI (Chicago Musical Instruments, later to become "Norlin"), and relocated about five miles from the Williamsville location to the vacant "GEX" building at 2500 Walden Avenue, in another Buffalo suburb, Cheektowaga. GEX was originally a membership department store for government employees. The building was roughly 120,000 square feet, and on permanent display in the parking lot was a full size Polaris ICBM Missile.
When Moog moved in, a wall was built separating the building into two 60,000 square-foot areas. One half was occupied by Moog Music, the other by an indoor flea market. And for a short time, the Missile remained.

This picture was taken in 1984, after the management buy-out from Norlin and subsequent name change to "Moog Electronics". It shows the main entrance to the building. Offices, Engineering, and Customer Service were located across the front of the building (to the left of the entrance), and the manufacturing area was behind, laid-out with production lines and organized for efficient product flow.
And those cars... that's Tom Rhea's on the left, Dave Luce's van on the right.

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